End-to-end event management makes all the difference

When planning an in-person event, there are many moving pieces to manage: the layout, transportation, and catering. We can take a few things off your plate to ensure your team shows up with its best foot forward. It all starts with a conversation to understand the who, what, and why. From there, we’ll strategise and plan an exceptional event presence that will create new sales opportunities and leave a lasting impression.

We cover all your event needs...


Define the goals for each event you attend, including the budget and target audience.


Design an engaging programme of interesting and inspiring speakers, activities, and workshops.


Coordinate the brand elements – from signage to decor, emails, digital ads, web pages and more.

Manage the vendors to ensure logistics are handled and needs are properly sourced.

Organise an enriching experience to ensure attendees have a productive  - and fun -  time connecting and learning.

Execute the logistics meticulously to ensure on-time delivery, reliable transportation, and satisfied guests.

Event strategy

Share your event goals with us and we’ll help you design a plan that exceeds your expectations. From venue search to invitations and managing logistics, our events management will include the details others might overlook. But you can trust our experienced financial services events team to navigate all of the chaos and deliver a professional, memorable experience. 


Budget mapping and control

Some events have a reputation for going over budget, but you have little to worry about when we hold the ledger. We’ll help you price items in advance and will present a budget with full transparency. There should be no surprises along the way when things go according to plan.

Macro to micro execution

Be the talk of Financial Markets following an engaging and flawless event. Achieve this when you rely on our events experts for meticulous planning from concept to completion. Truly memorable events are all about the personal touch—those little details carefully chosen to showcase what makes your brand special.


Data, reporting and insights

After the event, our team is still bustling as they work to gather insights from attendees and stakeholders. This feedback is essential to making meaningful enhancements and adjusting logistics, improving future events and outcomes.

"Nearly half of marketers say in-person events have the highest ROI."

Splash, 2024

These specialised services will take your events up a level


Strategic planning




Event management


Logistics management


Creative services




Vendor management


Measurement and evaluation


Onsite support

Make a splash at your next event

What types of events do you support?

Our events team can support end-to-end planning and management of large-scale events and also help with simple projects such as the design of a tradeshow booth or pop-up banner. From large to small events, our entertainment coordination is spot-on and will take much of the work off your shoulders.

Why should we choose you over other events management agencies?

Our expertise in events management for financial services is second to none. We understand the B2B financial services market and have a desire to stay on top of industry trends and offerings. This makes us an events management partner AND a strategic partner that can design events with ROI in mind.

Will you help us coordinate event logistics?

Yes. From layouts to transportation, shipping to deliveries, catering to registration, we’re on top of it all. Our events managers are highly skilled in coordinating logistics and helping you to source the most professional and seasoned vendors to deliver services as well. You tell us your event vision, and we’ll draw up the plans to make it a reality.

How will you gather feedback after the event?

We have several ways to collect feedback, including post-event surveys sent via email and post-event briefings with stakeholders. All of the feedback will be collected and collated, reviewed for trends, and incorporated into planning  to improve future events.

Exceptional events are in your future

Our event experts are highly skilled in delivering experiences to be remembered. Their strategic thoughtfulness and understanding of event logistics make them a resource to be reckoned with. You’ll appreciate their communication, transparency and management of your most special events to ensure the satisfaction and engagement of your target audience. When it comes to events, you can leave the details to us.

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